Pre-removal Asbestos Testing Blacktown

Most property owners don’t realise that asbestos is present in their homes until they’ve started a renovation or repair work. When undisturbed, asbestos fibres remain intact and do not have any risks. However, if an asbestos sheet is broken, loose fibres and microscopic particles will disperse into the air. If unprotected, and you breathe in those asbestos particles, your lungs will be affected and this cannot be reversed. That why we at Simple Asbestos Removal always encourage clients to get asbestos testing Blacktown done before any renovation or if you are suspicious of asbestos being present.

If you think you may have located asbestos and wish to have it tested. Please call us on (02)80374591 to arrange asbestos test.

Our Asbestos Testing Blacktown Services

Asbestos was used in most buildings before the 1980’s until it was discovered that this material was hazardous. If your property was built before this period, it’s very likely it contains asbestos so it’s recommended to conduct a test to confirm. Here’s what you can do:

  • Determine if Testing is required – If you locate any sort of degradation in materials in your home like drywall, floors, pipes, insulation, or tiles, be cautious not to disturb the area. Asbestos will only be released into the air if the material is broken or disturbed. If you are intending to conduct any renovations or repair work on the area, call us to test it first and put you in the clear. This is a minimal cost and would put your mind at ease.
  • Give Us a Call – Some people attempt to perform testing at home with testing kits, but this is a high risk and should be left for a professional. Our asbestos testing Blacktown services are highly accurate. We use the latest techniques and equipment to determine whether the material contains the mineral. If required, we’ll take samples of the suspected structure to a lab test to determine if asbestos is present in your home.

If the mineral is found, we suggest you hire our asbestos removal or decontamination services to get rid for the problem before you carry on with the repair work. We’ll offer an upfront quote to decontaminate and remove the located asbestos.

Why Choose Us?

We are specialist that offers asbestos testing Blacktown as well as removal services. Our asbestos removal team are up to date with all the necessary training and equipment to handle all jobs. You can find more about our business on this page. Some reasons why you should choose our team for the job:

  • We have over 10 years’ experience. Our company was established in 2006.
  • We are a prompt and reliable team with a fleet of 4 trucks and 12 experts.
  • Our company is fully licensed and insured so you can trust the job will be complete correctly.

At Simple Asbestos Removal, we love to help clients in every way possible so if you want to know more about asbestos testing Blacktown or get a free quote, don’t hesitate to call on 02 8037 4591. You can also get in touch with our contact us form or email us at Please visit our FAQ page if you want more information on asbestos and its present in your property.


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