Asbestos Disposal Hurstville

Asbestos is a harmful substance and should be disposed of carefully and responsibly. The mineral is found in nature and has been used extensively in construction because of its heat resistant and insulation properties. It was a favourite building material to make resilient and durable properties until it was discovered that breathing in asbestos fibres could cause cancer. At Simple Asbestos Removal, our goal is to help you deal with this problem safely and without risking your health.

Our Asbestos Disposal Hurstville Services

Asbestos disposal shouldn’t be conducted carelessly because the fibres tend to linger in the air. The government has strict guidelines in place to ensure the mineral is disposed in a safe manner.

  • Pick Up – If you’ve packed asbestos yourself and simply want to hire us to dispose it, don’t hesitate to call. We’ll send one of our trucks to your location and transport the mineral to a disposal facility. You just need to ensure the asbestos is packed securely according to the guidelines provided by the government.
  • Pack and Pick – If you don’t know how to safely pack asbestos, please avoid doing it yourself. You don’t want to risk your health; we’ll handle the task for you. We will come to your location and pack the mineral securely before transporting it to the disposal site in secure trucks.
  • Remove, Pack, and Dispose – If you suspect that your home has asbestos, you can hire our asbestos removal services to handle the problem. We’ll safely remove the asbestos material, wrap it and transport it to the disposal facility.

We have established contracts with several asbestos disposal facilities in and around Sydney and can ensure all effected materials are disposed of carefully. These landfills are identified by the NSW government as safe for the disposal of asbestos. We also use specialised trucks to transport for asbestos and ensure none of the fibres escape en-route to the disposal site.

Why Choose Us?

Some general contractors offer asbestos removal and disposal services even if they don’t have the proper training and equipment to handle the job. We’re not one of them because we deal exclusively with asbestos inspection, testing, removal, and disposal. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us:

  • Our company was established back in 2006 and has been around for 10 years now so we have ample experience with asbestos disposal Hurstville.
  • We have a fleet of 4 trucks with 12 experts.
  • Our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry.
  • We are fast, Clean and reliable
  • We’re a fully licensed and insured company.

At Simple Asbestos Removal, we love to help clients in every way possible so if you want to know more about asbestos disposal Hurstville or get a free quote, don’t hesitate to call us on 02 8037 4591. You can also get in touch using our contact us form or feel free to email us on Please visit our FAQ page if you want more information on asbestos and its present in your property.


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