Fast & Safe Asbestos Removal Sydney

Simple Asbestos Removal was founded in 2009 by Ronnie Ahmad who has a passion for providing quality asbestos removal services across Sydney. Through his ten years industry experience and knowledge of the residential and commercial building maintenance markets, Ronnie identified a gap in the market for the provision of a quality service using the latest and best materials and technology.

Simple Asbestos Removal was then founded on the principles of quality, trust and integrity. Ronnie continues to take a highly hands on approach at Simple Asbestos Removal and is directly responsible for the quality control and completion of all work.
Simple Asbestos Removal is dedicated to servicing the metropolitan and greater Sydney market. We have a fleet of four trucks and a team of 12, all of whom are dedicated to providing a responsive asbestos removal service.

As a specialist asbestos removal company, that’s all we do. We carry out the necessary ancillary works, such as demolition and removals, and that is all. That means that we are not a builder offering a range of different trades, or a demolisher who happens to do asbestos removal. We are specialists in our field and use the latest equipment and techniques. We invest in materials, provide an efficient service and most importantly, assure your safety.


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Why Us:

  • All asbestos removal projects are closely managed and we use stringent. Quality control procedures to ensure the project is completed with minimum risk.
  • We are highly committed to following safety regulations.
  • Simple Asbestos Removal is a fully qualified & licensed by Workcover NSW.
  • We have a proven track record of removing asbestos within all sectors.
  • We believe our experience speaks for itself and you can be sure that the asbestos will be removed without any issues.