Our asbestos disposal service is a unique service where we dispose of any asbestos on your property in a safe and secure manner. Our trucks are all certified for asbestos transport, and we have contracts in place with all of the major asbestos authorised tips.

Here at Simple Asbestos Removal, our asbestos disposal service is flexible. If you prefer and wrap your asbestos yourself, to the relevant Australian standards, a member of our team is able to pick it up only. On the other hand, if you have exposed asbestos that has been dismantled, then our technicians can help make the asbestos safe, and then dispose of it.

Either way, our asbestos disposal service is a safe and secure solution to your issue that is not only cost effective, but protects your family. We know that when it comes to asbestos you cannot take risks or put your family in danger. Most of our clients want our asbestos disposal service to occur as quickly as possible and with our fleet of four trucks we are able to service all of Sydney and dispose of your asbestos almost immediately.

Asbestos Disposal in Sydney, NSW

Even though asbestos is natural, it’s important to carry out asbestos disposal in Sydney carefully and through a professional. People who inhale the asbestos fibres can face serious health risks. Some property owners assume they can handle packing and removal of the minerals themselves in order to save money and time, but this will expose them and people around them to serious health risks. If you want to remove and dispose asbestos, please avoid Doing It Yourself and contact an experienced, Licenced and Insured professional to perform the task safely. At Simple Asbestos Removal, we will handle this task for you.

What Do We Do?

We have a procedure to handle asbestos disposal in Sydney safely and abide by the NSW Government Guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself and the surroundings. Here’s a brief explanation of what we do:

  • Our experts will pack the removed asbestos carefully in secure and contained packaging to ensure no fibres escape. We will also vacuum the area where you stored asbestos to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • We’ll carefully load the material into our truck and transport it to an authorised asbestos disposal site. Our company has been in this business for nearly 10 years so we know how to dispose the mineral without causing any harm to others.
  • We can also pick up pre-packaged asbestos if it’s packed according to the guidelines and is safe for transport. If we notice the material is not packed correctly, we will repack it and remove it. Our team is always prepared with asbestos bags and suitable packing materials.

We handle the removal of asbestos on any property. If you’ve detected the presence of the material or have reason to suspect it there, just let us know. Our team will inspect your property thoroughly and carefully to identify any traces of asbestos using the latest equipment and techniques. We’ll make sure the area is clean and free of the mineral and carry out asbestos disposal in Sydney, NSW effectively.

Precautions We Take for Asbestos Disposal in Sydney, NSW

As a licensed business in the asbestos removal industry, we make sure the asbestos substances are disposed according to the NSW regulations.  Some of these regulations are listed below:

  • We contact NSW government authorised asbestos disposal sites before we deliver the mineral to them. We have regular contact with nominated licensed landfills that know the right disposal procedure.
  • Our trucks are specifically designed to contain the spreads of mineral fibres so asbestos will not escape its confines during transport.
  • Our skilled workers always deal with the mineral in full protective gear so they’re not exposed to it during the removal, loading, and transport process.

If you want to know more about asbestos disposal in Sydney, NSW or get a free quote from Simple Asbestos Removal, don’t hesitate to call on 02 8037 4591. You can also get in touch with our contact us form or email us at info@simpleasbestosremoval.com.au.


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