Abestos vacuuming and decontamination are important processes in any home renovation. Weather you have just purchased a home, that has some asbestos contamination in the sub-floor, or you have accidently broken a piece of asbestos which may have left you exposed to fibres, we can provide a safe and permanent solution through decontamination.

Here at Simple Asbestos Removal, use only approved H-class HEPA vacuums and a range of decontamination techniques to treat asbestos issues. This is often a more cost effective solution for home owners who don’t want to have all of the asbestos removed. When you contact us here at Simple Asbestos Removal, we will not only quote your job, but look at a range of solutions which may be of use to deliver you a superior result, with safety front of mind, at the best value.

Asbestos Vacuuming and Decontamination Sydney, NSW

Older homes built between 1930 and 1980’s have significant amount of asbestos spread throughout the property and most times it’s not possible to remove it all. If significant portions of your home have the mineral, removing it entirely can be very expensive. The best alternative is to only treat the areas that will be or are disturbed. If you have located loose asbestos or asbestos fibres. The best method is to vacuum lingering fibres and decontaminate the area.

At Simple Asbestos Removal, we advise our clients to be careful with asbestos related products and leave it up to a professional. While in the sealed state this material isn’t as harmful; free-floating asbestos fibres in the air can cause mesothelioma lung cancer. Our thorough asbestos vacuuming and decontamination in Sydney can make your environment safe again.

What Do We Do?

We have trained professionals who understand how to eliminate asbestos fibres completely from your environment. They’ll make sure the air is clean and healthy to breathe in before they consider their job done.

  • Inspection – We’ll inspect the suspected area and gauge the extent of the contamination. Then suggest the required procedure.
  • Containment – Our next step is to contain the problem and ensure asbestos doesn’t reach other areas of the property while we clean and decontaminate the affected room. We recommend you vacate the property until the air is safe to breathe.
  • Vacuuming – We use an H-Class HEPA vacuum along with a number of current and sophisticated decontamination techniques to eliminate asbestos from your environment. We also provide our vacuuming services with most our asbestos removal services or when required.

Why is Decontamination and Vacuuming Important?

The smallest microscopic asbestos fibres are the most hazardous and damaging to your health. It’s extremely important to be cautious when asbestos is suspected to be contaminating an area. Our decontamination and vacuuming techniques help to eliminate this hazard. When you call us, we’ll usually take the steps below:

  • We will remove the asbestos completely & seal the disturbed structure carefully to ensure no fibres are released in the air. The most important step is to vacuum and decontaminate the area to ensure the microscopic fibres are captured. We offer our asbestos vacuuming services all around Sydney.
  • If the area is not going to be disturbed any further, we use our HEPA vacuum to clean all surfaces and use particle binder solutions to remove asbestos completely from the area. This will all the loose fibres are dealt with correctly and aren’t spread into any other areas.

Important Warning: A standard home vacuum cleaner will not clear asbestos. They’re not completely air tight and will cause more damage. It’s extremely important to leave decontamination and vacuuming to the professionals.

If you want to know more about asbestos vacuuming and decontamination in Sydney, or get a free quote from Simple Asbestos Removal, don’t hesitate to call on 02 8037 4591. You can also get in touch with our contact us form or email us at info@simpleasbestosremoval.com.au.



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