Asbestos testing is a critical component of the asbestos identification process. For many homeowners, the asbestos removal process is expensive and time consuming, not to mention the cost of replacing the asbestos sheeting that was already there. With our asbestos testing service, we can test the material you are concerned about and find out whether or not it is in fact asbestos or not.

The advantage is that, when it isn’t asbestos, you save thousands of dollars in renovation costs. Here at Simple Asbestos Removal, we are happy when our clients are happy. That means, when one of our technicians isn’t certain that the material you are concerned about is asbestos, we can arrange to have it tested to find out.

Asbestos Testing in Sydney, NSW

Asbestos is widely known to be very harmful to your health and can cause mesothelioma in the lungs. The tiny fibres of this mineral can linger in the air and often times are undetectable to people living in such environments. When you breathe in these fibres, they can get lodged in the soft tissue of your lungs and cause severe health problems. At Simple Asbestos Removal, we always encourage people to test their home for asbestos, especially if their property built before the 1980’s. We offer comprehensive asbestos testing in Sydney, NSW and will deliver accurate results.

What Do We Do?

It’s important to hire a skilled expert to perform asbestos testing on your property. Complete inspections and testing aren’t just a waste of time and money, they are vital. If you suspect asbestos is present, call us for asbestos testing in Sydney. We can:

  • Test on Site – We have skilled experts can identify asbestos upon keen observation and thorough testing. They’ll know immediately if asbestos is present or the material is used to build a particular area.
  • Further Testing – If we can’t confirm with certainty whether asbestos is present in the material, we’ll send a sample of the material for lab testing to get a more conclusive result.
  • Honest Advice – We are known for our honesty. If we find no trace of the minerals on your property, or can advise that the material will not affect the surroundings we will tell you. Most occasions if the material is not disturbed it will not harm you. So the right advice will save you time and money.

If asbestos is found on your property, we can remove and dispose it correctly. We have the skill, expertise and equipment needed to remove and transport the mineral safely and dispose it responsibly.

Can You Find Asbestos without Professional Assistance?

Most clients want to be sure that there’s asbestos present in their home before they call in the professionals. It’s very difficult to actually test for the mineral without proper equipment but you can spot the signs. Here are some ways you can determine whether you have asbestos in your home:

  • If your property was built anywhere between 1920 and 1980’s, it’s very likely it has asbestos in it because the mineral was commonly used in construction. You’ll most commonly find asbestos on roofs, walls, floors, tiles, electrical boxes, roof insulation and sheds. It’s a good idea to get the property professionally tested.
  • Check degenerated or disturbed areas in your home. For example, cracks in the walls and floors, disintegrating vinyl flooring, insulation, and rusted pipes will release asbestos fibres in the air.

You only need to call us for testing if there’s disintegration or you intend to repair or renovate your home because asbestos is only harmful when it’s disturbed.

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